#32 - Change Welcome to the FrontPage

#32 - Change Welcome to the FrontPage

One of the annoying things in Joomla 1.5 is the way you can't seem to ever get rid of the Welcome to the Frontpage message! Here is how to change it.

To change the Welcome to the FrontPage message you need to change a system parameter in the Home link. Go to Menus > Main Menu. Here you will find the Home link. Click on the link. On the right of the screen there are a number of groups of parameters:

  • Basic - an explanation on how to customize these can be found here
  • Advanced - defines the order of articles on the frontpage
  • Component - a number of parameters related to the Frontpage component
  • System - this is where we find the title which we want to get rid of!
One of the System Parameters is the Page Title, which by default is Welcome to the FrontPage! Change this to what you prefer, or else you can choose not to show it.




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