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#13 - Use Xmap and Google Sitemaps

#13 - Use xmap and Google Sitemaps

Xmap coupled with Google Webmaster Tools is the sure way of getting your site's content in the Google index as soon as possible.


Sitemaps are the newest way of submitting content to search engines. There are several ways of creating sitemaps, however since Joomla contains dynamically changing content, you want your sitemap to be updated constantly to update your current content. 

Xmap allows you to create a dynamic sitemap, always staying current with any changes in your content. Thus instead of waiting for the GoogleBot to index your content, using a sitemap, you are ensuring that all your content is being indexed as soon as the Google crawler accesses your sitemap url.

Therefore, if you still haven't done this, create a Google Webmaster account, verify your website, and submit the url created by Xmap as a sitemap.


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