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A (backend) component which allows you to administar files on your Joomla installation without having to use any FTP software.

Joomla Explorer 

If you don't like using an FTP client, or if your server does not support ftp access you can use this component to manage your files in your website. 

JoomlaXplorer allows you to:

  • Browse directories and files in your installation
  • Edit, Copy, move and delete files and directories
  • Search, Upload and Download files
  • Create  new files, directories and symbolic links
  • Change file permissions (CHMOD)
  • Unzip / untar files

Typical great uses for JoomlaXplorer

  • Quickly editing your Joomla template files, configuration files etc.
  • Securing your files / directories by using the CHMOD function. The function also has a recurse subdirectories function.
  • Upload images / files to your server (you can upload up to 10 files at a time)
  • Archive and download a file (great for making making backups of certain directories)
  • Display Joomla system information, phpInfo and permissions for each directory

For more information visit the project website at

Browsing the files / directories on your installation

Browsing files with JoomlaXplorer

Editing files (htaccess)

Editing files

Changing file / directory permissions

Changing permissions 

Warning: Installing 3rd party extensions may compromise Joomla's security. Make sure that you trust any 3rd party extension that you install.




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