Joomla Google Checkout Donation / Buy Now Module

Accept payments online with the Google Checkout Module

This Joomla module is a very customizable module which allows you to quickly enable Google Checkout Donations or Buy Now items on your Joomla! website. It is very simple to setup, and you can get it up and running in a matter of minutes - just make sure you have created a Google Checkout sell account and just put in a few parameters and enable the module. This uses the Google Checkout backends as your online payment gateway.

The module offers the following customizable parameters:

  • Google Merchant ID and Merchant Key - you will need to get these from your Google Merchant Account under Settings > Integration
  • Donation/Buy Now Name - the name you want to appear in the Google Checkout page
  • Donation/Buy Now Description - the description of the Donation or Item you will be selling
  • The value of the Donation/Buy Now for the item you are selling
  • The size of the Buy Now Button
  • Text to solicit payment/donation - why should your client buy this item
  • Configuration of button style - Whether the website is white, or whether the button should be transparent
  • Configuration of variant (whether the button is clickable or disabled)
  • Configuration of loc Google Checkout parameter
  • Show or hide <em>What is Google Checkout</em>
  • Sandbox vs Production - Use Google Sandbox (for testing) or Production for when you want to make the button go live
  • Edit URL - The URL where the user can go back to change anything from the purchase
  • Redirect URL - The URL to redirect the user to after they complete the order
  • Analytics data - The Google Analytics profile to track what is happening with your orders

Google Checkout and Joomla! donations

To ensure you are eligible for donations please read this carefully:

Nomal Edition - Download (Free)

 Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3

The module should be very simple to use, however if you find anyproblem while use it, please drop a line in the comments below or via the forums, and we try our best to support you. If you like it and used it, pleasedo leave a comment with a link to your site, it would be good to know that other people have found it useful.

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Live Demo - see below


DC Google Checkout Donations $10

Joomla Google Checkout Donation


To install the module, simply go to (Extensions > Module Manager forJoomla), choose the file you have downloaded above and click on the upload and install button.


Configuration of the module is done via Extensions > Module Manager. Click on the DC Google Checkout Donation Module item, and you will see a screenshot similar to the one below:

Joomla Google Checkout Donations Parameters

View the module being setup on YouTube



Please post to the forums of you need help in configuring the module.

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