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How to get Facebook integration with Joomla

One of the greatest ways of getting people to interact with your website is to enable a commenting system on your website - this is a proven method of getting people to give feedback on your blogs, articles, tutorials, advice or whatever your Joomla website is about. There are however two things which might hold you back:

1. Anonymous commenting - if you want most interaction you'll need to enable anonymous commenting. However, this has the huge drawback of comment spam. If you don't have SPAM prevention mechanisms - such enabling  CAPTCHA on Joomla 3, then you are going to be hassled and littered with comment spam. This will typically overrule the benefits of the actual comments themselves...

2. Registration - some people will simply refuse to comment if they need to go through the process of registering on your website. There are many reasons for this, which we don't really want to go into at this point in time.Joomla Facebook Integration

The above two issues might really be holding your website comments from being an enabler for your website. But what if there was a way to fix both of these problems and get an easy way to get website comments?

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Dimara Creations

DART Creations offerred consultancy services to Dimara Creations, suggesting the usage of Joomla as the Content Management System. Dimara required a CMS which allowed them to have a maintainable gallery of designer jewellery for sale. Also, they required the possibility of integrating a full online shop in the future. This made Joomla the perfect choice for this website.

DART Creations advised on the ideal way to implement Joomla, suggested a Joomla friendly host, and suggested an ideal gallery component. We were then commissioned to perform a number of optimizations to the site:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Implementation of a complete backup solution (Content and database)
  • Security audit and configuration 

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